DSECT Program Committees

DSECT Program Committees

The DSECT program has oversight from six committees:

Program Advisory Committee

The mentor group includes scientists with backgrounds in biochemistry, molecular medicine, biomedical sciences, pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, geriatrics, internal medicine, family medicine, pharmacy, nursing, sociology, population health, gerontology, pharmacoeconomics, epidemiology and biostatistics. The reach of disciplines that trainees can expect to interact with is also wider as others from local, national, and international networks will be invited to participate in various aspects of the program curricula.

Judith Glennie


Jean Gray


Colla Jean MacDonald


Stuart MacLeod


Robert Peterson


Steering Committee

The DSECT Steering Committee is responsible for overseeing the entire DSECT program, including recruitment, application review, curriculum, evaluation, mentorship, and budget. The steering committee includes representatives from each of the Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network (DSEN) research teams, DSECT alumni, and members-at-large.

Lisa Dolovich

Principal Investigator

Sasha Bernatsky

Co-Principal Investigator

Joseph Beyene

Co-Principal Investigator

Suzanne Cadarette

Co-Principal Investigator

Bruce Carleton

Co-Principal Investigator

Richard Kim

Co-Principal Investigator

Kaarina Kowalec

DSECT Alumni

Mitchell Levine

Co-Principal Investigator

Sharon Straus

Co-Principal Investigator

Lehana Thabane

Co-Principal Investigator

Other Committees

DSECT has four additional committees under the guidance of the steering committee:

Recruitment Strategy and Application Review Committee

Chair: Dr. Mitch Levine

Responsible for developing (and improving as needed) the strategy for recruiting top trainee candidates and the application processes. They will also review the applications submitted and will make recommendations for enrollment.

Curriculum and Program Evaluation Committee

Chair: Dr. Lisa Dolovich

Oversees all aspects of the program, including curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation. It is also responsible for planning the monthly DSECT/DSEN Seminar Series and the Annual DSECT Symposium.

Mentorship and Leadership Committee

Chair: Dr. Lehana Thabane

Responsible for evaluating and improving the mentorship capacity and processes of the program. This committee will review the learning plans submitted by trainees at the beginning of each program year and identify and facilitate mentorship and practicum opportunities for the trainees.

Program Administration Committee

Chair: Dr. Lisa Dolovich

Responsible for overseeing all aspects of program development, implementation, and evaluation. This committee will oversee recruitment, development of program materials, budget, human resources, and general administrative issues.