End of Program Message

As we look back on DSECT, we celebrate 12 years of training future scientists on drug safety and effectiveness research and the accomplishments of our alumni, many of whom are still working in this field. During the course of the program, our trainees were exposed to many aspects of drug safety and effectiveness research and research skill building opportunities that would train them for a future in this field. DSECT met an urgent need to train scientists who can integrate concepts and findings across the drug discovery, applied clinical practice and policy spectrum. In doing so, the program successfully trained 205 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from 18 institutions across 8 provinces in Canada. Many alumni of the program are leading drug safety and effectiveness research within academia, government, and industry today.

As DSECT winds down, we would like to continue to celebrate the successes of the program and keep encourage you to keep drug safety and effectiveness research a priority. This isn’t goodbye but a see you soon as we start to gather in person at various scientific events.

Thank you once again,

Lisa Dolovich