Team Member


George Okoli



George is a PhD student in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Manitoba. His thesis is titled “Individual and Provider Factors Associated with Differential Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Uptake in Manitoba” and he is jointly supervised by Dr. Salah Mahmud (Canada Research Chair in Pharmacoepidemiology and Vaccine Evaluation) and Dr. I fan Kuo. He proposes to link the Manitoba Immunization Monitoring System database to the administrative databases of Manitoba Health to characterize the patterns of seasonal influenza vaccine uptake in Manitoba, and to study individual and provider factors that may be associated with differential seasonal influenza vaccine uptake and adherence to seasonal influenza vaccination. George’s previous research experience includes varied clinical, epidemiological, public health and health technology assessment research, some of which were commissioned and/or funded by the World Health Organization, the National Institute for Health Research, the National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia, and Sanofi Pasteur USA. His main research interests include clinical evidence synthesis methodologies (systematic reviews, meta-analysis, network meta-analysis, and screening and diagnostic test accuracy), pharmacoepidemiology and pharmaceutical medicine.