Program Overview

The program provides a curriculum that augments current graduate and post graduate training. Trainees in this program will gain critical knowledge and skills in drug safety and effectiveness (DS&E) that will better prepare them to make a contribution to healthcare and society.

Trainees will complete one of three streams:

Stream 1: Foundational knowledge and skills in DS&E (1 year)
Stream 2: Advanced DS&E knowledge and skill training (1 year)
Stream 3: Exposure to DS&E research and concepts (1 year or less)

Stream 1 is primarily targeted to full-time graduate students (MSc, PhD) and post-doctoral fellows. It includes an interactive, web-based foundations course in DS&E research topics (e.g. pharmacoepidemiology, drug policy); self-study modules on basic concepts in DS&E research; research and professional skills training; opportunities for some advanced skills training (e.g. optional practicum); a 3-day, in-person symposium; and a culminating activity called the Objective Structured Knowledge Translation Experience (OSKTE). Trainees who complete Stream 1 will be eligible to apply for a second year of funding in order to complete Stream 2.

Stream 2 will provide individually tailored advanced training in DS&E research, including a practicum in DS&E research and a 3-day, in-person symposium. Based on the trainee’s learning goals, this program may include web-based webinars, self-study modules, and opportunities to advance their research and professional skills (e.g. presenting a webinar, writing a publication). Applicants can apply directly to Stream 2 if they can justify that they have already achieved foundational knowledge and experience in DS&E research (see Trainee Eligibility for more details).

Stream 3 is directed to knowledge users, undergraduate research-focused trainees, clinical pharmacology trainees, new faculty, international trainees (not studying in Canada), or graduate students who would like to access the online training and/or be involved with a smaller subset of experiences within the program (e.g. symposium). Stream 3 participants will not be funded through DSECT.

Details on individual DSECT program components can be found here.

Details on the application process and trainee stipends can be found here.